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Note that this is an equal opportunity page - beside stories without pairings I also have stories with heterosexual and same-sex couples in it (look for the slash / in pairing codes!). Please take your time to read the story description on this site before choosing. Thank you.

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Spock/Saavik universe
Kirk, Spock, McCoy and more
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Changing the Rules - Spock, David Marcus - G - His father's son...

Ariadne's String - Spock/Saavik, Ruanek - PG-13 - Saavik goes a long way for enlightement

Privileges - PG-13 - Drabble

Same old Story - G - Drabble

What is Left in the End - PG - A night in the desert makes Saavik reconsider some things in her life

Freshman - Saavik&Ro Laren, Spock/Saavik - PG-13 (implied f/f) - Ro Laren gets a crush on her Vulcan teacher

Second Choice Version A - PG-13 (implied f/f) - Spock's daughter Syren meets an old enemy - Valeris

Second Choice Version B - PG-13 (implied f/f) - Spock's daughter Syren meets an old enemy - Valeris

Kirk, Spock, McCoy and more

Blondie - Kirk/Janice Rand - PG-13 - After Rand's transfer from the Enterprise, Kirk meets her on neutral ground

Blond Again - Kirk/Janice Rand and a suprise - PG-13 - The alternative ending version to Blondie!

More than Enough - G - Kirk and Spock are stranded in NY 1932, and it's New Year's eve...

Unfair Methods - Kirk, Spock, McCoy - drabble - How to make grapefruits likable... ;)

Price of Silence - K/S, Valeris POV - PG-13

Cats and Boxes - Spock monologue (K/S, K/Mc implied) - PG - Spock avoids to determine a state, so life determines it for him...

Summer of '53 - Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/f, PG-13, pre-TOS - Jim meets someone unusual

Waiting for Mrs. Right - Spock/McCoy - PG - Mistletoe!

Pas De Deux - Spock/McCoy - PG-13

Three Limericks - Spock/McCoy limericks - PG

The Way We Die - Spock/McCoy drabble - G

Other Trek Stories

A Woman's Weapon - TOS - Khan/Marla from Marla POV - PG-13, dark - There is always a solution to a problem...

Evil's Heir - VOY - Original Character - PG-13, dark - What you inherit from your fathers...

Pointless ABC VOY story - VOY - G - a ship, a crew, and wrecked science...

Belated Consummation - DS9 - Ezri Dax/Quark - PG-13 - A thorough ear job...

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